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Shellie Bender

Shellie Bender is best known for her award winning “WEARable SCULPTURE” described as being "between jewelry and architecture." In her career, she has utilized many materials including gold and silver, wood, natural stone, pearls and rubber. Her current line of jewelry incorporates luscious, vibrant rubber with sterling silver and magnetic closures, all designed by her.

Shellie’s conceptual focus is on the interaction between contrasting materials and the fluid movements of the wearer while engaging with her bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Her pieces are worn by collectors nationwide while her presence in Lawrence KS is best known for her dedication to Art Education and her sculpture “Mobility” located outside the Historic Union Pacific Depot.


Large scale stainless steel sculptural works for interior and exterior spaces are available by commission.



Megan "Puck" Paustian

Puck has a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from the University of Kansas. For the past five years of working for Shellie, their primary focus has been on the production of the studio’s most popular bracelets and earrings. You can frequently find Puck in the booth with Shellie at fine craft venues where they will be waiting with a smile to introduce you to the work and answer your questions.

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